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5 Budget-friendly Ways to Bond with your Family

Oftentimes, we feel like there’s not much we can do as a family when we are on a tight budget.

I am too guilty of this, mostly on petsa de peligro weekends. We would often just stay home, go on with our chores and on these days, I’d feel disconnected to my children.

This is why I made it a priority to have at least one bonding activity that is not watching TV during my rest days.  In the process, I came up with these tried-and-tested list of fun but inexpensive activities that can be done easily at home or outside:

  1. Upgrade your merienda time by setting-up a picnic on your porch or living room – just grab one of your blankets (do not expect it to be clean after this activity so grab one that you’ll be throwing to the laundry this week) lay it flat on the floor, then prop yourselves and your food. We once ate burgers with matching iced tea this way, and I even used leftover plastic plates and drinking glasses to give it that ‘picknicky‘ feel (is there even a word?).
  2. Cook together or make desserts – the boys love their pancakes, so one summer afternoon, I involved them in making a few. While we are all crouched on the table (except Luna who’s in the stroller behind us), I also took the opportunity to preach them about not wasting food, and to say that I find men who cook to be very macho.

    My smiling eldest son
    Image from the author
  3. Play foot spa day at home – if you have foot cream, lotion or a scented oil, then you don’t have to spend a dime! Just prepare used towels, lukewarm water in a basin and you’re good to go. I just soaked their feet in the water a bit then scrubbed it vigorously with the foot scrub. I even pretended to be a spa attendant and asked them silly questions, which made them laugh so much!
  4. Listen to an audiobook as a family – I love listening to audiobooks during commute and cannot wait to relay the story to them, but sometimes I’m way too drained to even open my mouth. So one evening I played Stephen King’s ‘It’ from my phone and we all enjoyed listening.
  5. Play parlor games at home – what’s not fun about parlor games? Most games like trip to Jerusalem, stop dance or bring me doesn’t require anything that’s not on the house already. Just give away a candy or one of your cheaper pens to the winner. The only downside of this is the noise. I had to tell them to tone down a few times!

Here you go! If you do try one of these activities, I’d love to know in the comments how it went. Also, please feel free to add any other budget free bonding activities with the family where you’ve had fun the most.




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