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3 Ways to Upgrade your Planner to Become the Perfect Mom Companion

So you got yourself a planner this January. Congratulations chaotic momma! You are already one step away from chaos by choosing to plan. Now let’s fast forward to 6 months after. How are you liking your planner? Is it helping you as is it supposed to? I hope so! Since you are already getting the hang of planning, I’d like you to take your planning skills up a new level, by upgrading your planner to help you upgrade your life as a mom. Check out the list below to find more ways to use your planner as the perfect mom companion:

  1. Make it ‘remember everything’ for you: as a mother, part of our job description includes overseeing all aspects of our families’ life. Sometimes though, life gets pretty overwhelming and we forget something here and there. This is where your planner comes in. Yes, an ordinary planner will let you track your activities. But a good planner can serve as a mind dump and give you space to track more than just tasks, meetings and activities. I will give you the top 3 things I track using my planner:
    • my children’s health through a sickness tracker: I track in here the dates when they were sick, what they were sick with, meds they took and visits to the doctor.
    • Projects to Tackle: did you ever thought of making a scrapbook for your children then just forgot about it? Next time you think of a project you would like to accomplish, write it in your planner with a tick box and due date to ake sure that you will get to that work someday.
    • Meal Ideas: one of my most dreaded tasks as a mother is thinking of meals to cook. Through this list, I am able to plan our weekly meals easier, and remember whether we’d already have the same meals last week.

      It’s easier to choose meals this way!
  2. Make it your accountability buddy:
    my roadmap looks worn out because I look at it every single day for inspiration!

    If you look back at your planner one year ago, what did your day look like? In mine, I saw a burned out version of myself, trying to complete one task after another and not having any direction. This year though, I decided to map my goals for my family in my planner, and use the weekly pages to take actionable steps towards it. For example, I wrote down in my planner that I will be financially free in a few months time, and I try to achieve this goal by challenging myself to no-spend days (which I tracked using my planner too) and a financial goals tracker. Every month, I look at my planner and review whether my actions had been aligned to these goals.

  3. Make it your go-to tool for self-development and motivation: One of my dreams even before I became a mother is to be able to build my own blog. I lost track of this dream a long time back, and actually thought that I’ll never be able to pick it up again. But my planner helped me get a better grip of my time, and allowed me to divide my priorities, leaving me with a tiny room to do things that will improve me as a person. I also use my planner to track small habits, record wins, and motivate myself continuously to make sure that ‘I’ don’t get left behind in this mommying journey.

    see my small message there? It’s never too late to start!

I know that  a planner upgrade will require you to sit down and therefore eat up some precious time. But remember that the end goal of this activity is to make you accomplished and happy as a person, and when you are happy as a person, then you are happy as a mom.

Have you tried any of these in your planner and did it work? Let me know in the comments!


P.S. If you want to know what planner I am using, head on to  the Passion Planner website to learn more! (This is not a paid post, I just love Passion planner so much!)




  1. Onic
    June 23, 2018 at 4:26 am

    Gusto ko nito Khei. Turuan mo ko 😊

    • chaoticmommying
      June 24, 2018 at 7:14 am

      Oo naman te punta ka lang sakin 😀

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