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Letting Children Learn at Their Own Pace

Yesterday, Lancelot went home bearing good news – we was sent to a regional quiz bee event to represent his school in Science! More so, he ranked 4th place out of 28 participants from other schools!

My chest is still heaving with happiness from this news, especially after the fact that he also ranked fifth in his own class last quarter. But more than the achievement, I am over the moon as I saw how proud and confident he is of himself.

Lance hasn’t always excelled in academics though. In fact, it was a totally different scene that we are in some years ago. I remembered one particular night when he and I are crouched in our dining table, trying to answer a homework. I remembered how my own ears rang with the shrill of my own voice as I told him, ” this question is so simple, why can’t you get it? How come all of your classmates know this and you don’t?”

I remembered how Lancelot’s eyes flickered, blinking away tears of shame over being compared to his peers.

I am not proud of myself in those days. If I could go back in time, I would undo every little thing I’ve said to zap his confidence. That’s the important thing though, we could never go back in time to right our wrongs.

Lancelot’s achievement today reiterated to me a lesson that every parent should be reminded of, no matter how cliche it sounds. Every child learns at his own pace. Let us not compare our child with his siblings, classmates, nephews and even ourselves in their age. The only competition a child should have is his yesterday self. Also, let us be gentler on our child when teaching them, not all lessons can be learned overnight.

I now keep these things in mind whenever I (try to) teach Liam, Levi and Luna.

P.S. Going back to present, we celebrated his win by ordering pancit malabon and pichi pichi for merienda!

Have you learned a lesson like this lately? If yes, let me know your thoughts!




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