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Hi, my name is Khei. At the age of 28, I am a mother to three handsome boys and one lovely girl, a partner to Rush (to be introduced later, and yes, we’re not married yet), and an employee by day as an Insights and Advocacy Specialist. When I was young, I wanted to  change the world by becoming an astronaut, a doctor and a writer all at the same time. I got pregnant by the age of 18 though and gave birth to my firstborn at the age of 19. While I love my son with a love that all us moms would know, the fact that I entered parenthood on the wrong foot made it really hard for me to adapt in all aspects of my life. During this time, most of the moms like me are ahead of the curb and never have I felt so alone and alienated. I struggled with depression and anxiety from thinking too much… I also lost track of my dreams, never imagining that I’ll be able to pick it up again, and a poetic part of me that hasn’t emerged since. I have dealt with so many things that my motto became this: “a step in my shoe would have killed another but it did not and will not kill me”. 

I told myself that if I come out of these challenges alive, I will help struggling, imperfect moms like myself who did not have it easy. 


So from the promise I made to myself, I’ve built Chaotic Mommying both as a community in Facebook and through this blog. I want to be the crazy mom friend I wished I had, the one you can tell your bad days about without feeling judged, that one friend who will understand your mommying chaos.

I am not the best mommying resource, in fact, I’m a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to motherhood. But I want you to read on, because this place will document a journey not frequently touched – the chaos that comes with motherhood – and the changes I made in my life to make it right to and for my family. And I hope to share, uplift and inspire you like the friend I promised to be along the way.


Rush and me!

Rush: Rush is my teenager turned forever love (chos!). He is my stubborn but kind, short tempered but hardworking partner in life. He is a late bloomer just like me, and we’ve been on this journey for 11 years now. You will meet him as we go along, in both supporting and frienemy roles. 🙂

This is Lancelot!

Lancelot: Lancelot is my firstborn son. He is one of the real boss in the house, being a Kuya to his 3 other siblings. At an early age (9 years old), I can already sense in him the same maturity as I’ve had. He is my reliable helper in the house. He can be a loner at times and prefers to play on his own. He is also a bit ill-tempered just like us.

This is Liam!

Liam: Liam is my middle child/son (6 years old). He is very intelligent and has a keen eye to details. He asks a lot of questions and questions a lot of rules. He is also an extrovert, a natural people person and I can also sense in him some leadership qualities. However, he can be stubborn at times just like Lance.

This is Levi!

Levi: Levi is my youngest son (5 years old). He is forever a baby and acts like one. He is our human teddy bear. He is very close to Liam and they play a lot. He is a natural charmer and didn’t gave me a lot of headaches in his younger years. Now, he is growing up with the same stubbornness as his bros.

This is Luna!

Luna: Luna is our dream coming true in the form of a baby girl (1 year and 6 months). After 3 sons, we were really hoping to have a baby girl and God granted us this wish! She is bubbly and feminine and we are constantly in awe of her. She also comes with the standard package of pooping, vomiting and tantrums. 🙂

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